Thursday, December 3, 2009

24 hours in an offshore, French-accented hideaway

New Caledonia. Who knew?

When forced to depart OZ for 24 hours to stay in line with silly, antiquated migration rules, I chose somewhere new. Not New Zealand like last time, but New Caledonia for the first time.

Turned out to be an old place, inhabited by former French criminals and Kanak tribal people with advanced architectural design skills.

The capital city Noumea appealed to this Island Nomadbecause it is rather cosmopolitan in a charming way, not third world like some Sydney neighborhoods! I liked it because it was not crowded with tourists, the beaches were pristine, and snorkeling magical.

What more could a food and wine buff want more than 5 days of waterfront Cuisine Francaise and vin rouge from Bourdeaux, Rhone and Alsace regions where my grandparents toiled in the wine making industry a century ago.

PS I liked it so much, I spent 124 hours away, not a day. My flight on Aircalin's new 777 was one of the best in terms of comfort that I can remember. Pity the flight was only 2.5 hours long! I highly recommend the airline and the destination for ex-pats, honeymooners, and women wanderers. --Deetouring Dee

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