Sunday, February 14, 2010

Where are you now?

I get asked that a lot by folks back home. Sometimes I have to stop and think!

This week, I'm at home in Sydney glued to the tube for the Winter Olympics. I toured the Whistler Ski Village two years ago, and was supposed to be living and working there during the excitement, but alas I'm full with work in OZ.

My downunder deetours since I wrote last include the sunny-state-of-mind Gold Coast Australia, arid Adelaide and SA Wine Country, and lagoon-surrounded New Caledonia.

For R&R, I have trips planned to Melbourne for the Food & Wine Festival and a visit with my cat Harley in Kaye's care, and to my beloved Tasmania. After that, it's a return to USA.

If you miss me back in North America, make your reservations now for my return. California, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Vanouver, in the quiet aftermath of the exciting games. I'm at the Pride House in spirit.

Dee Farrell currently lives and works in Australia, Canada and the US, as the weather suits.

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