Sunday, March 14, 2010

Be a Traveller, Not A Tourist

For some reason, I was being tested today. Am I a traveller or a tourist?

I meet up with fellow ex-pat explorer Edmund at THE most touristy place in Sydney - Circular Quay and the Ferry Terminal - on a sunny Sunday afternoon. After saying hello to Americans on shore leave from the docked Pacific Princes - the real tourists - we strolled over to the market at The Rocks.
We tried to look like locals, but we practically shouted "Tourist" with Lonely Planet and Fodor''s Australia in hand and two cameras on wrists straps, always at the ready.
We started with photos of the Origami Tigers outside the Customs House (in honour of the Year of the Tiger), then snaps of Luna Park, The Harbour Bridge and Opera House before taking our tired feet and hungry tummys to Scuffy Paddy's Bar at World Square for a Guiness and beef pie.

OK, we looked like tourists, but Edmund and I are intrepid travellers, having made our way through several countries and a few suitcases and backpacks. Funny that we should encounter this sign (for AMEX).

Travel destination writer Dee Farrell currently lives and works in Australia, and blogs as Dee Touring Dee and DeeTours DownUnder.


- Edmund - said...

You win. You beat me. Good work on this one, Dee!

Vixster said...

at least you're having fun