Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fancy Florida Feasts

For the past 4 weeks, amidst worsening news about the oil slick ruining tourism and fishing in my home state, I have been eating at restaurants with names like Shell Bar, Poseys Seafood, Wharf Express, and the Catfish Pad along the Gulf Coast from St. Marks to Apalachicola Bay.

Favorite Five Foods

1. Catfish and Hush Puppys. Forget the cheese grits and fried okra, I went straight for the fish and backbone fried in pure peanut oil.
2. Fried pickles with dip. A meal in themselves but beer helps.
3. Smoked Mullet followed by Oyster Stew in heavy cream soup.
4. Fisherman's bay catch. Deep fried in corn meal, combo scallops, oysters, shrimp.
5. Chicken livers and hot boiled peanuts on the side.

Did I mention Florida lobsters, fresh water crayfish, and stone crabs? I am sickened by the thought of an end to this harvest when the oil spill hits the Florida coast and the Keys.

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