Monday, May 3, 2010

King Tut Nut

Long time Egypt nut, I was drawn to the King is Back exhibit in NYC this month. King Tut, on his way to final resting spot in Cairo, returned to New York 30 years after the first King Tut tour took the US by storm.

I saw the show maybe twice around the US, and recently saw an exhibition of mummys and masterpieces from King Tut tour at the Australian Museum in Sydney.

By far the New York show was brilliant and the self-paced tour well- choreographed. The 25-minute, 3 D film at the end of the galleries and gift shop was more than worth the $5! Those 3 D glasses really make a statement, eh?

Not as good as being on the Nile with my travel mate Cheryl, but at least I was there with her in spirit at the exhibit while she was at Abu Simbel.

Travel writer Dee Farrell currently lives and works in America and Australia.

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