Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I knew I was an Aussie!

I just happened to be at Brighton-Le-Sands beach today, across Botany Bay from where I live with the noise and pollution of international air carriers coming and going at an alarming rate.

I was reflecting on the first settlers, and the hard life those convicts and military rulers had from landing day. Between 18 and 20 January 1788, no less than 12 ships landed at Botany Bay. Having left merry old England chocker block full of provisions and prisoners, they sailed on 13 May, via Rio de Janerio then Capetown, before arriving in what is now Sydney, Australia.
Amongst the First Fleet was a shop called Scarborough, with my ancestor Philip Farrell. Don't know what his crime was, or his fate after arriving downunder at the penal colony, but my gut says he survived - like many an Irish compadre/criminal sent down from England.

About the Scarborough:
Being a large 430 tons, the Scarborough carried 208 male convicts. She was built at Scarborough in1782. The Scarborough sailed back to England and returned to Port Jackson in the Second fleet. Apart from the 'Sirius' and 'Supply', she was the only other ship from the first fleet to return. She was skippered by Master Kohn Marshall.

Hmmm, do you think the Immigration Bureau would heed my bid to become a permanent resident via bloodline?

Proudly American by birth, Australian by choice!

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