Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dee Farrell’s DeeTours DownUnder

I left the United States for a sea change to Australia after amassing a lot of cool street signs and vehicle license plates that said "G'day" and other Aussie sayings. 

After exploring 48 states in U-S-A (living in PA, NY, FL, CO, and OR), I headed downunder for the 6 states in A-U-S.  It took me 10 years to visit, live in and revisit the capital cities of TAS, NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA - in that order. 

Along the way, I acquired many nicknames, from "Ms Adventure" to "Galavanting Goddess", while working towards the literal "Gray Nomad."  But the ones I use as my business name and byline are "DeeTours DownUnder" and "Deetouring Dee."

Here are the introductory comments and foreward from my book, "Living on Island Time.  10 Nomadic Years." 

A Note to Readers

These pages reflect my personal dee-tour down-under while living in Oz, first as “an independent business executive” and later as a “overseas visitor” by grace of the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

I call this a book of musings because the writings are casual stories about my journey and about my company called DeeTours DownUnder. Deetours allowed me to spend several years in the tourism industry and to meet some incredible people who also wanted to escape and live the dream in an iconic place called Australia.

I started this work with a series of emails sent to family & friends. They went back home on a regular basis for my first year downunder, but then went by the wayside as I got busy and bored with writing and digital photography. Regretfully, many of those early epistles and photos are gone, lost in cyberspace after a series of computer crashes and not learning to back up!

All of them – the early memories of what OZ looked like through the eyes of a new migrant and the recent ones of re-entry after life in Bali - have one thing in common. My reliance on wine for the artful arrangement of words:>) LMAO.

In gathering my stories for the book, I had a chance to filter through the cast of characters who have made up this experience, some provided by strangers and others by loved ones. And to think about fate, choice, chance, luck, faith, forgiveness, and the free range freedom that I enjoyed in the pursuit of my variegated vagabonding. Its main purpose is to help the readers while away an idle hour.

Happy Trails,
Deetouring Dee

This is the intercontinental tale of an ex-pat itinerant passing through Australia, the South Pacific and Southeast Asia for 10 nomadic years

I was an “escape artist” from 2003 until 2013 when I converted from restless to rooted. Chasing the dream and blurring the line between travel and life, I can say in retrospect that my wanderlust years of slow travel were anything but ordinary.

I did not just circumnavigate a continent, I circumambulated a few countries. What a ride!

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