Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Living on Island Time: 10 Nomadic Years

Deetouring Dee t-shirts for sale.

DeeTouring DownUnder, my memory book, is finally done.  Whew.

Here's the dedication page.

Thanks to

  • Barbara Stern, coach and friend who helped me visualize the move, and gave me the courage to chase my dream. 
  • Diane Byington, friend and writing mentor who got me started thinking that I could indeed turn my magazine articles and blogs into this book.
  • Cheryl Naylor, soulmate of  40 years who has a better memory than mine, and who is the only close friend to visit me during my deetouring days.
  • Family and friends who said “Just Do It.”
  • To all of you who encouraged me to tell my vagabonding story so others could learn how to pursue a dream job or to be self-motivated to follow their journey.

The accompanying photo album for grins: 

Deetours: The First Decade of Vagabonding

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